Day Two

Hands really bothering me. My sweater looks even looser than when I bought it a week or two ago. Of course, my pants aren’t loose.

I haven’t behaved myself on vacation. Let’s face it, it’s hard. Your options are more limited away from home.

If I have a gain, though, it should all come out in the wash next week. Right?

So far, Desmond hasn’t gotten homesick. This is the longest he’s gone on a vacation without feeling homesick. I’m proud of him.

I miss Shane.

I do not miss the mess. The kitchen floor I don’t know how I’m going to wash without hurting my hands more. The piles of stuff on every surface.

Listen to me, I’m on vacation! Cut it out, Leah.

Smile, Leah. D’OH! Who is going to remind me, now? Me? Unlikely. I can barely remember to put on my pants before I leave the house…especially if I’ve had Benadryl. Long story.

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