I think I am going to stop buying cereal again for a while, as I’ve been overeating it. Also, it doesn’t keep me satiated very long. I’m going back to oatmeal for breakfast. Then I might be able to take my lunch around noon again, to break up the day a little better. I liked having only an hour and a half left of work when I got back from lunch.

Also, oatmeal is only 2 points, and I don’t overeat it. One and done.

I haven’t been good about tracking or measuring portions so far. It’s been a rough several days for me. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything.

But I really need to get myself back on track, and quickly. I don’t want to regress. It might help me feel better to be on track, anyway. It will give me a much needed distraction from what I’m feeling.

I think they might be giving me a wide berth because they can tell I’m bummed out. Not that they’re on me, normally. It’s just quieter.

Too quiet, these days. I know before I said I liked the quiet, but not like this. I hope I can get beyond what’s ailing me soon. Definite change in seasons.

Change is hard.

I should go.

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