This week’s tan is terrible. My knees are almost entirely pale, and everywhere else is spotty or blotchy.

I have a feeling it has to do with sweat, which seems stupid. A spray tan should be sweat-resistant.

I’m probably going to have to wear jeans for the rest of the week. I will fry.

I read about some of the reasons for being hot all the time. Three of them sound like me: stress/ anxiety, meds side effects, and caffeine. I think my thyroid is normal, and, although my mom was 45, I’m not really experiencing the symptoms of menopause or even periomenopause, yet. That I know of.

I mean, it is pretty physical work, especially if you try to do it fast.

Between my regular routine and the RFID boxes, I was able to stay busy today. So, maybe, there’s my solution.

I’m waiting for the bus. It is several minutes late, as usual. But it’s a nice day to be outside.

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