It’s Like I Said

Rick went and complained to that woman’s supervisor about her taking over the pallet jack. See? They have my back, here.

He showed me how to work the motorized pallet jack, also, and was very patient with me.

He’s kinda almost like my work dad.

Evan, too, has been incredibly helpful when I needed stuff to do, when I needed the hopper dumped (too big for me to do by myself), when I had no bin to put the rough foam in.

They’re all really nice to me. Not that Sherrie wasn’t. She was also hugely supportive of me, always knew I could make goal, even though I struggled with it for a long time. Told Mike I was a good worker, and so on.

Mostly everyone here is very kind. I mean, there’s a couple of nuts, but you get that everywhere.

Oh yeah, speaking of nuts, Creepy Smiling Staring Extruding Guy is at it again. Probably because I’m showing my legs or something. What? It’s hot! I swelter in jeans, no matter how cool it is outside.

Mostly, I’d say it’s a very positive work environment. And I’ve been in exactly the opposite before.

It is good for my anxiety, if slightly less wonderful for my wallet.

I’m not really paying attention to the time. I should get back.

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