Two Tone

My legs are brown. The skin under my hand splints; however, is a mixture of dappled brown and my signature pale. It is weird to look at.

There’s less mouse poop, today. But definitely still enough to freak me out.

I guess once they found a live mouse in one of the boxes, and they put the box on the safety director’s desk, mouse and all. The safety director was not pleased.

No appointments today, just have to get the kids off the bus.

It’s good to know I can still have an okay day without my meds, like yesterday. Actually, yesterday was a really good day except for the mousecrements.

I hope a bat never gets in. I will hide under a box.

I did almost fall into a foam bin this morning, with hardly any foam left in it to break my fall. The foam bins are just a little bit too deep for me to reach all the way down into. So if I lose my balance, uh oh.

Have a nice afternoon ❤️

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