Two Evans?

The guy who’s been in the WH since March might also be Evan, which is why I was confused when the one I know is Evan introduced himself as Evan. I originally thought the first guy was named Evan, too, until I met the other Evan and assumed I had made a mistake about the first Evan. If that makes sense.

So, possibly two Evans.

I knew some of the names from ShopVue, before I knew whose name belonged to whom. So that’s why I’ve been confused at times. Like, I’ve associated sometimes the wrong name with the wrong guy.

Oh well, I’m mostly straight, now.

Eddie has still not said anything about teaching me to scan, and has not mentioned if it’s okay for me to stay in the WH indefinitely. I don’t know if first shift is already full? But Rick is leaving in November, which was unexpected, so I imagine they’ll need somebody to replace him, even if it isn’t me.

11.3k steps today. I definitely feel it, I’ve got a crick in my back.

Evan A. (the one I know for sure is Evan) is always telling me to smile. I know I know. I don’t smile enough. People have told me to smile my whole life. By far and away, mostly men. I wonder why that is.

All and all, it was a pretty good day. Good week.

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