I came in at 6:00 today, and Angelo was here, so I asked him if he had anything I could do. He had me put labels on…I don’t even know what they were! Big spools of something I can’t remember the name of. The boxes were slightly heavy for me, but, as usual, it was a good workout.

It looks like I’m not down quite a pound from Sunday. Come on, man! I knew this week would be low, but that low?! I’ve been working my butt off and doing well with points all week.

I guess, it’s just a snapshot. I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s only Thursday, anyway.

My new clothes are already looser, though. I just got them last week. Although that always happens with my pants, right? They fit in the store, then I wear them for a couple of hours and they’re falling down. I can literally get them up and down without zipping.

Angelo recommended a fleece for later in the year because I guess it gets cold back there. He asked how I liked the WH. I said it’s great because I can move around, and it’s better for my hands.

He is so nice. Everyone is so nice!

The ladies on the production floor are starting to ask me where I am, now. Even the ones who barely know me are curious. I think it’s funny. It’s probably because I’m not wearing the blue shirts. They were too tight. No one has gotten after me for it. The WH dudes mostly wear what they want, anyway. I noticed that right from the get-go.

I should probably go.

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