Early Break

When Dale got here, he said Angelo was here so I could go down. Why can’t I just start at 6:00? I think he must be here by then.

Taking a break because I’ve pretty much already run out of stuff to do.

I wonder when they will teach me to scan.

Again, I thought I looked cute today, but nope. Just round. At least I am a well-dressed round.

Is that mean? I am really mean to myself. I try not to be so self-deprecating in front of Aislyn (or Desmond), because what a terrible thing to pass on to your kids, but sometimes it slips out when I’m alone. Derek does not like it, so I try to limit it even further, but it’s still in my head. In other words, I get the brunt of it.

I should bring a regular hat with me, so at the end of the day, no one sees my hat head bangs. It’s really bad.

I’m not sure if I have any hats, or where they might be.

One good thing. I really haven’t been drinking much of my iced coffees. A couple of sips, then I chuck it. An amount almost not even worth tracking.

Well, I guess. I can’t sit here forever. I’m sure it doesn’t look good. Even with the carpal tunnel and the nothing to do.

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