Distressed Sleep

Bad dreams last night. Woke up Derek, crying or whining in my sleep. Slept on the couch.

I’m waiting for Dale from HR. I hope he’s not out today. If he was, I’d probably just go straight to the WH. Angelo would be there.

I don’t know why I can’t just start in there at 6:00.

I’m sweating my brains out already. It’s not like I’m overdressed. I’m wearing light layers, and I’m in a climate-controlled part of the building. I think I just sweat a lot. Even when I was thin I sweated a lot.

Always hot.

Light duty seems to be a different pay source. Like, HR is doing my payroll instead of Mike.

I don’t know if the WH could afford someone like me. The only job posting they have (and always seem to have) is for someone who can drive a forklift.

I don’t think they pay forklift operators any differently from anyone else, and that baffles me. It seems like a huge responsibility.

Oh, Dale, did you forget about me, Dale? Nah. He’s here early, but not 6:00 early.

Well, I’m going to give my hand a break, now. Have a good morning, my friends. Thanks for reading.

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