Long Weekend

We don’t really have any big plans for the next few days. My only plan is to un-gross the kitchen floor, but I suspect I will need help doing it, since my hands don’t like sweeping, or probably mopping.

Next week will be short. I have a half day Friday because of my doctor appointment. The following week will be short, too, because we’re going to a late movie Thursday night and I’ve taken that Friday off.

Yesterday wasn’t bad. I tracked all but my night time snack. It was a pretty big snack. I suppose I can still track it.

I did very well until my night time snack. But when I woke up I was legit hungry.

I think I am a good, kind, and caring parent. But right now I have to say that my kids are driving me crazy. All they do is fight, and Aislyn is on me 24/7 for my undivided attention. I’ve gotten up, fed, and visited with them, and right now I just want a little bit of time to sit, wake up, and write my post. But she is, as usual, all over me.

One thing I will say for Aislyn is she is very intelligent and intuitive. I cannot fool her. She picks right up on any frustration or sarcasm, which I try hard not to use, in my voice. “Don’t say it that way, Mama,” she says.

Very, very bright.

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