One and a Half More Days

Although it’s grimy and dusty, I’m getting so that I like the warehouse. I’m sure I could lose 20 pounds in a month doing this. It’s peeling labels, but it’s also moving boxes around. You can push stacks of them across the floor. It’s actually kind of fun.

Maybe someone will say, “Can we keep her?”

Nah. I dunno how much help I actually am. I might be slow because I’m using my left hand a lot. But I’ve always used my left hand a lot, despite being right-handed. I might be a little ambidextrous. Maybe that’s why Desmond is a lefty.

Ray actually talked to me this morning. I was about to go into the little office where I keep my stuff, and he said, “Can’t get in. Door’s locked.”

I’m like, “Oh, okay.” But then someone opened the door from inside and we all got in.

I didn’t come in until after 8:00 today; I’m gonna have hecka points. But HR said it was okay, so Mike will probably clear them for me.

Even if not, it was worth it. I got to help the kids get ready for school and watch them get on the bus. Aislyn was so excited. Desmond, too.

Desmond is always excited the first few days, then the novelty wears off and he’s bored. He needs enrichment. He used to get pulled everyday for math with the STEM teacher, but that STEM teacher isn’t there anymore, and I think with COVID, everything got a bit disorganized. But that’s my annual parent conference question: “Is there any way he can get some enrichment in math?”

There’s no gifted program in Dover. Not, at least, in the elementary school. If there was, he’d be in it.

Aislyn is advanced, too. I hope she doesn’t get bored, but I think she’ll behave herself, even if she does. She’s very helpful and wants to please.

I’d better go. I didn’t mean to take this long of a break.

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