Today’s Tasks

Cleaning out the soft serve machine, then back to the warehouse. Right now I’m just running the clean cycle.

I tracked my breakfast and my midnight snacks. Sometimes if I start the day with high points, I don’t bother tracking that day. I tell myself I’ll start tomorrow. The Procrastinator’s Creed.

I’m already at 15 points. For the whole day. It’s not even 8 a.m. But I tracked it anyway. So there’s an NSV for you.

Lunch will be easy to track because it’s 0 points. Dinner is probably cube steak. And I’m out of snacks. So maybe I’ll stay in my range today, despite the big snack.

I’m coming in at 8:00 for the next couple of days, because that’s when “the warehouse guys” get here, I guess. He must mean Eddie, the newly appointed supervisor, and maybe Ray?

I don’t really get what Ray does, now. Sometimes he’s down here, sometimes he isn’t. I hope Eddie gets here, first. Ray was always so awkward around me. Which made me feel awkward.

Of course, that was several months ago. He might behave differently, now.

How long does this machine take to do its thing? I feel like I am so cheating the system, just sitting here, waiting.

It’s funny. I’ll rebel in the cafeteria 20 minutes from the end of my shift without a care, but I’m so concerned about time theft right now.

I guess it’s because I’ve finished my work for the day by then, I’ve met the expectations. I’ve just done it ahead of schedule. Right now I feel like I should be doing something.

Well, really, I should probably be home. I guess now I know.

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