Light Duty

No one passed on any information to Mike while he was out about my carpal tunnel, and no one from HR is here, yet. So here I am, back in the cafeteria, waiting for instructions.

I wish to hell I had reported the tingling when it started a week and a half ago, because then maybe I’d be on workman’s comp and wouldn’t have to bother coming in for the week. And they wouldn’t have to scramble to find me something to do.

But I’m not like that. I never think to report anything right away. I’m just like, “Oh, pins and needles in my hands. That’s weird.” Duh.

It never occurred to me it could be anything serious.

It’s not getting better. I have to alternate hands on the steering wheel all the way here and back. Probably I shouldn’t be doing this. Or folding laundry. Derek did folding, too, but I insisted on contributing. I should’ve just done something else.

There’s a lot of things you do that require repetitive motion, you don’t realize. Scrubbing dishes, brushing your hair, teeth, washing your hair, scrolling on your phone, scooping cat litter. You can’t exactly not do those things for a whole week.

There’s nobody else in here. I could use speech to text. But I feel weird doing that.

Maybe they’ll just send me home. Not that that’s a good thing, either. But I feel bad not being able to do my work.

Sherrie says we’re going to run out of material and MP will shut down again. I guess it happens routinely. I’m not thrilled about that. MP is about the only thing I do well, here. Everything else, I’m too slow. Unless I’m just using, like, a cutting machine, or I’m running the bender and it’s actually working.

I do think I get the very edge of my tongue caught between my teeth on the left side. I can feel myself pulling my tongue away from my teeth. I don’t know why it’s never been a problem until now, though.

I must confess: I did have three of those frosted sugar cookies yesterday. But, believe it or not, it could’ve been worse. There were about 10 of them.

I may skip my iced coffee today. I haven’t fully committed to that, yet, though. I want to see how the day unfolds.

You might think iced coffee is no big deal. But it is. You’ve got cream. You’ve got sugar. And you’ve got flavoring. Little things add up. All told, I believe a medium is 15 points.

And, yes, I’ve experimented with almond milk, with sugar free creamer, Splenda, less cream, sugar free flavoring. It’s just not the same, and makes it not worth it. I want the real cream. I want the grainy sugar at the bottom that I can suck up through my straw. I want the caramel swirl.

Yesterday I told my WW community I was going to try to give up my iced coffee habit, and Karen, who is a nurse, suggested I not do it cold turkey. Maybe every other day? This made sense to me.

I think when I finally quit smoking, it was cold turkey. But I can’t remember. I may have systematically cut down first. I don’t think I was smoking much, anymore, when I quit.

Smoking and drinking are slightly different, though. You don’t need them to survive. Food, you need.

I suppose you don’t need Dunkin’ iced coffee, though.

Dale from HR is here. I might be doing something soon.

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