Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I was sleeping on the couch and Desmond came down. So I got up, then Aislyn got up. So I guess I’m up, because I already ate and made my coffee. That’s okay. I don’t know how long I would’ve slept, anyway. I went to bed at around 11:30.

I’m not buying anymore ice cream for a while. If Aislyn wants ice cream, I will just have to take her to Lickees and Chewies. Because when I buy cartons of it from the store, it’s scary how much of it I eat, and how quickly.

My tongue will just have to suffer. This can’t go on.

I left laundry until today. Not the smartest move. But I guess I was kind of trying to rest my hands yesterday.

I really should not be pecking, though. I’d use the mic, but I can’t right now. Aislyn’s right next to me, watching iPad videos.

Should I take a break from posting?

I don’t want to. I’ve become so accustomed to posting at least twice a day. I like it, I look forward to it. I know some of you really look forward to reading them, too.

I don’t think I can take a break. I’m on a 100+ day streak. But it is putting a lot of stress on my fingers.

I can’t use the mic at work. I have no privacy there. We can’t leave the building, even on our breaks. I think they want to know where we all are in case of an emergency.

I don’t know. I’m sad, readers.

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