If I Stay it Will Be Double

I’ve finished up, I think? The school shopping. Although Aislyn could maybe use a fall jacket,

I managed to snag the one and only hoodless boy’s jacket in all of TJ Maxx. For some reason, Desmond doesn’t like hoods. He tucks them into the jacket. He also tucks his collars into his shirts. I hope he outgrows this.

He really is a very handsome boy, with his curly blond hair and dark blue eyes. I’m going to be chasing the girls away with my broom.

And Aislyn? Oh, forget it! I’m not going to sleep at all through her teens and twenties out of worry about boys. And men.

Maybe it’s because I was Catholic and my fanatical mother started putting the fear of God in me at an early age, but I was smart about boys and abstinence. I knew better. I hope Aislyn does, too, when she’s older.

I’ve entered into sort of weird territory, here. I’m backing out, now.

I have the worst headache. I’ve taken three ibuprofen. No change.

We talked about the power of NSVs at today’s workshop, and right now I’m thinking about how I didn’t buy ice cream at Walmart after the workshop. And how, although there are frosted chewy sugar cookies in the kitchen, I haven’t eaten any.

Actually, my stomach right now is reminding me that I haven’t had any lunch, yet. But, unfortunately, I was up in the wee hours, eating Fiber 1 brownies, and I did get an iced coffee. So I’m pretty much maxed out already for the day. It’s okay. I’ll have a zero-point lunch. Low point dinner?

Every day is a new day. But every moment is a new moment. It’s never too late to make better decisions. There are endless opportunities for NSVs.

I’ve thought about tracking my NSVs as a strategy. Maybe. I’m not sure whether it would help, but, certainly, it couldn’t hurt.

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