There is a little local-ish store (about 13 minutes from here in a neighboring town), looking for help with e-commerce, needs blog posts, etc. I have an interview Monday.

It seems like e-commerce is really taking off in a lot of brick and mortar businesses. So, that works for me.

I wish I could type left handed. I really probably should not be doing this. I mean, I’m technically not typing; I’m hunting and pecking with my middle finger. Real typing is a nightmare because of how I have to bend my wrists.

But I shouldn’t be pecking, either.

Let’s try this. The microphone. Much better. Except, I can’t spell inventively. And, I have to bug everybody around me with my voice.

Some people say I sound like Daria. Some people say I look like Daria. I do not look like Daria. Especially not now. I have the glasses. I used to have the hairstyle. But, I really do not think I resemble her.

Even so, this dude in college used to call me Daria. I don’t think he even knew my real name.

Wait. What happened? I just lost a whole paragraph.

So I guess the microphone works a little, but not all the time. Because it totally deleted a whole paragraph. But using the microphone sometimes is probably better than not using it at all.

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