Now, If Only My Tongue Would Heal

…But it’s not. It actually looks worse. And it still hurts the same.

The good news is I’m at the dentist with Desmond, and Dr. B. is going to take another look.

Is this middle age? A series of ongoing and mysterious ailments that multiply as I enter my twilight years? Yesssss.

Oh, to be young again!

I’m just kidding. I’m not that old, not really. Not yet.

If 60 is the new 40, then wouldn’t 44 be the new 24?

Yeah, right. Nice try, lady.

It doesn’t seem that long ago, though. Remember when rent was only $650 a month and our biggest concern was how late to hang out at the bookstore on Saturday night? Or was that just me?

Neither of us were ever the clubbing, partying types. We much preferred reading and sipping soda at Borders and listening to Saturday Night Rewind on the radio on the way home. It may sound like not a lot of fun, but we looked forward to it. And miss it, now.

Aislyn had her first couple of practice days of kindergarten this week, “Camp Explore.” Some poor kids, of course, had difficulty separating from their parents. But Aislyn was in childcare when she was littler, before COVID, so maybe that helped her in this situation.

I feel bad for the kids who have had no previous school or center-based experience. Not that they were able to be home with their parents right up until now, what a blessing that is. But just that it must’ve made today and yesterday really hard for them. And their parents.

Until I was in the hospital with Aislyn, I had never been away from Desmond overnight, I don’t think. One of my biggest fears going into the hospital was missing him, and whether he would miss me.

He did okay, though, I think. He stayed with Gramma, and then Derek was home with him the last night I was at the hospital.

Anyway, Aislyn had a good two days, meeting the teacher and classmates. She made a friend, who is a boy. I told her my first friend in school was a boy.

She’s going to have an awesome year. I think she’s going to love school and make lots of friends.

They’re both excited to go back. They’re definitely getting on each other’s nerves at this point. Totally normal, but, still.

I’m going to see a tongue specialist, since there’s been no improvement.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, when I will either be sent home or repurposed.

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