Too Slow

It’s been a morning.

I got up at 5:00. I like to be out the door by then. Ten minutes after I got here, I discovered I lost my second tube of Orajel, my only friend right now, besides ice cream. Orajel is not cheap, readers.

I have one side of our work station I’ve been on for the last several days, since Sherrie was out last week. Normally, I don’t really have a preference, but I was on that side yesterday, and had a box worth of parts already made. Well, this particular side must be Sherrie’s preferred side, because she got here just before me and claimed it.

I was kind of ticked, because on the side she left me was a partial box, which you have to finish, but it won’t count toward your total completed boxes. This set me back.

I busted a**, though, and got caught up by 8:00.

When I tried to clock out for this break, ShopVue wasn’t working, so guess what? I didn’t clock out.

I’m taking the break I deserve after all that.

So I hope you’re having a better morning than me. Hopefully my afternoon will be better. It should be. Happy Wednesday.

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