Wonky Stats

WordPress’s stats are all out of whack today. It says I have so many views, but when I add up the views for each individual page, it comes to a much higher number. I’m like, whaaat?

The good news is, I have another analytics program to supplement the WordPress stats.

I still got my work done ahead of time. Instead of futzing around on my phone or sneaking into the cafeteria, I’ve just been assembling more parts but not boxing them. I just put them back on the cart they come on. Then I have some readymade parts for the following day, and I’m still working.

I don’t think anyone higher up is going to connect the dots anytime soon, but who knows?

If worse comes to worst, they’ll just make us do a few more boxes a day. It wouldn’t be that terrible. I know I can manage a few more if I have to. I’d just rather not be required to 😉

I sent a message to Dr. Naimark about the weepiness and self-deprecation I’m experiencing off the Abilify. I think he’s on vacation this week, but it’s one more thing I can cross off my To Do list.

I contacted my naturopath’s office about buying supplements from them. They said they couldn’t sell me the supplements without an appointment because it’s been too many years, but they did send me my old supplement plan, which was very helpful.

I’ve started taking B6 and B12 for more energy. Those were in my supplement plan.

My tan looks terrible this week. It might be because I did such a lousy job of shaving before I got the tan. I’m not sure.

My tongue hasn’t healed at all. It still hurts just as much as it did when the pain started. Looks the same, too.

I am very sore today, even just while sitting down.

This post should be called “The Many Ailments of Leah.”

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