Phone Call

My phone call went really well. I can expect to hear back from them within 36 hours if they want to do an interview, which I’m thinking they most likely will, unless they already have someone in mind.

But I definitely have the qualifications. And this place has a subsidized salad bar and 24-hour fitness center. Are you kidding me?!

So I hope I get an interview.

I would’ve been thrilled with the job I was supposed to get a letter for two weeks ago. But, after so many attempts, they’re still not talking to me, soooo…

Also, I think this place might have a marketing department here (as opposed to, like, North Carolina or something). I could eventually transfer to a more writing-intensive role, maybe.

So anyway, it’s nice to have some good news, even if it’s not the news I’ve been waiting for for several weeks, now.

I’ll keep you posted.

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