Beautiful Aislyn

When I got up this morning, the island was completely clean. Derek and Aislyn had cleaned it, so Aislyn could make me a surprise. She’d been talking about doing it for a couple of days.

Aislyn’s gift to Mama

The top part is obviously the sky with clouds. The bottom part is in pencil and hard to see in the photo, but it’s supposed to be the backyard of our “old house,” before she was born. There’s a big slide for me, a black chair, and a swing set for Desmond. Derek did the cutting.

Our actual old house was an apartment complex with no yard.

When she showed it to me, she was very proud of it. She wanted me to share it at my meeting, and with my “workers.” So I showed Bill at WW. He’s my seat neighbor. We’ve been in the same group for years. And I can’t put it up at work, but I’ll show it to Sherrie tomorrow or whenever she’s back.

She worked so hard on it, I felt like I should honor the request to some extent.

I’m so proud of her and Desmond. They are both such good kids. I love them so much. ❤️

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