Rough Night

I was up at 2 a.m. Our upstairs toilet, now, is broken. Aislyn has a huge water stain on her ceiling from when it flooded. It runs around the clock, every 5-10 minutes. Just like the downstairs toilet did.

Derek says the seal is broken. Probably. But I fear we have ghosts in this house. 1890, folks. It’s gotta have some.

And still nothing. No call back, no email, no nothing. Derek says call everyday until you get an answer, but I’m about ready to say F it. Why should I waste anymore of my limited time, trying to get an answer, an update, anything, when clearly, there is none?

I totally get that you’re inundated. But take the two minutes to call and tell me that. Don’t put me in the horrible, awkward position of being a nag. I hate that. UGH! Okay, I’m done, now.

I should call my blog: Welcome to the Mind of a Crazy Person. That’s how I’m feeling, right now.

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