Leah Road Rage Taylor

I was driving to work today, at a reasonable speed, when this jerk wad passed me on a double yellow. Well, I was not having it. I tailgated that vehicle for two miles, and laid on the horn as I turned a corner.

Just who do you think you are, passing drivers on a double yellow? This isn’t Vermont. Hold your fricken horses (“Fricken” isn’t a swear, right? I’m trying to be better.).

Don’t forget, I’m from Massachusetts. We’re the worst when it comes to road rage. You don’t mess with Massh***s.

No, really, I usually let that kind of stuff go. I try not to get involved with people who have no regard for road rules, because who knows what they’ll do to you if you tick them off?

But it was 5:30 a.m., it took me by complete surprise, and my mouth is still really bothering me. So I guess I was just a little bit more aggressive than normal.

I am worried about my mouth (my tongue). I made the mistake of going on line, and it could be anything. The fact that it’s been days and days with no improvement is a little scary.

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