Weigh-in today. I don’t know how I’ll do, because I’ve been up for a while and drinking fluids, and that really does affect the scale. My scale, before I started drinking, reflected a modest loss.

I broke down and bought ice cream the other day, but it was for my tongue! I think I must bite my tongue in my sleep. You know, in addition to all the other things I do in my sleep. Anyway, one whole side of my tongue is bitten and it hurts like crazy. I’ve tried ice pops and Orajel, too. Everything only works temporarily.

So, I’m going to head to Portsmouth, now, because that’s where the meetings are, and I want to get a parking space. We’re in the hotel next door to the Roundabout Diner, a mega-popular breakfast joint. And it’s Sunday morning. So you can imagine parking.

I’ll keep you posted.

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