Happy Weekend to Me

I’m home now. The kids are drawing with their new sidewalk chalk and I am getting sunburned on the front stairs.

I had a rough food night, so I went up this morning. I know you wait with baited breath to hear this news everyday. But seriously, Noom says to weigh yourself daily to be more successful with weight loss.

I’m hoping they’ll soon want to go in the backyard, which is all shade this time of day. Or maybe I’ll bring up one of the Adirondack chairs and sit in the driveway, which is shady, too.

Five minutes later: Ahhh, much better. We brought up the chairs.

As you might have guessed, they’re not real Adirondack chairs. Those cost hundreds of dollars. These are the cheap, plastic Walmart chairs, and they are both broken. They are also the wrong color.

Originally, I intended to put them on the deck outside the master bedroom, but they’ve served us better in the yard. Besides, the kids can’t go out there because part of the gate is broken and even if it wasn’t, the door is jammed shut. So no one can go out there. Which is okay. We don’t use it like we thought we would. We thought we’d be sitting out there, drinking beer out of a cooler and enjoying the summer evenings, but we have never actually used it for that or any other purpose. Not once.

I’m wrong. Desmond’s water table used to be up there. And my hanging net chair is up there, but I haven’t sat in that since Aislyn was a little baby.

This turned out to be a very long story about a deck we have almost never used.

Anyway, I’m relieved it’s the weekend, although there’s a lot to do. Lots of laundry, it’s, like, overflowing. Kitchen. Bathrooms. Floors need washing. The usual, I guess. Whole house trashed.

I’m not being negative. I’m referencing Gene Wilder’s comment, “Whole day wasted” in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Actually, the downstairs isn’t really that bad, over all.

Okay, I have to go make Aislyn a PB sandwich. We’re going to the park at the Moharimet school with subs, and Aislyn doesn’t like very many foods.

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