The Nothing Post

I sent an email about the letter. I was supposed to get it Sunday night, so I think it’s okay that I asked. Why do I still feel like I’m being a pain in the ass?

Aislyn’s having her first dentist appointment. Don’t judge, I’ve been worried about COVID for two years.

I got these shoes online that I was so excited about because I thought they were Clarks? No, it was Clarks Online, and these foam little POS shoes came in the mail from CHINA. God, I am so gullible.

Not as gullible as my mother, though. She told me she met this guy at a party who said his name was Dick Hertz, and she believed him. I asked her if he also said he was from Holden.

I’m sorry. This post is really about nothing. I thought I had things to say, but I’m drawing a blank. But guess what? I’m gonna post it anyway!

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