Catch Me if You Can

A lot of people must be missing Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi right now, because “The Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi Crisis” is easily my most visited post.

They only really sell it in 2-liter bottles right now.

I’m cooking with gas again today. I’m on box 22. Only I keep forgetting to not scan them, yet. If they see I can get done way early doing 24 boxes, that’s it.

It bothers me, though, how they wouldn’t figure out what we’re doing. Doesn’t it seem totally obvious when you look at the elapsed time between boxes at the end of the day?

We only hold the last 3 or 4. So there’s a huge time gap, there, between boxes 21 and 22 or whatever. Possibly, they don’t get that information. But I doubt it. We have it. Why wouldn’t they?

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