Little Black…Skirts

I recently bought some clothes for my upcoming job. Someone please tell me how I wound up ordering three black skirts and I’m keeping them all.

I don’t think it was intentional. The good news is black goes with everything. The good news is black is slimming. The good news is the skirts are three different styles. One is mid-length and straight, another is knee-length and pleated, and the last one, my favorite one, is mid-length and flowy.

I guess “flowy” isn’t a word.

I guess I wear black a lot because it’s neutral, and, like I said, you can wear it with anything.

Of course, I have an LBD, too. But it’s old. I wore it a lot right before (and a little bit after) I got preggo with Desmo. It was stretchy and conformed to my body. Somehow, I got the idea it was pretty flattering back then. I dunno, intuition?

I have to go play Justice League with Aislyn.

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