Hutch Job

I did not get the quality assistant job. Someone bilingual did. I’m not a bit upset. If it’s who I think it is, she’s been at Hutchinson eight years and absolutely deserves it.

They have soft serve in the cafeteria this month. I haven’t tried it, yet. I’m trying not to try it.

My resolve is usually really good while I’m here. Occasionally I get the big cookie or a Snickers ice cream, but usually, I do really well until I leave.

I often get iced coffee from DD, but I don’t usually drink the whole thing.

Then at home, if supper’s late at all (like, after 5:30), that’s when I fall apart. But there’s nothing left to fall apart with today.

In 2020-2021, when I was just freelancing, I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. Everyday at 2 pm. Too much sitting makes me antsy. I’ll never understand how people can sit all day at trainings or meetings. I’m the one who has to stand up and stretch and unfortunately draw attention to myself.

There’s the timer.

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