Cool Towel

I got this towel from Rite Aid that you freeze and then wear to cool you off. While it does effectively cool me down at work, here are the problems with said towel:

  • It’s hard to get it out of its tube once it’s frozen. I had to thaw it for about 15 minutes.
  • It tears a bit when you try to open the towel.
  • It sheds.
  • Finally, the length was clearly not designed for a woman of my stature. Draped around my neck, it fell just at the right place to leave two giant wet pools, guess where? That’s right.

The good news is it only cost about $10, it was on sale.

The good news is my T-shirt is dark blue and heavy cotton, so it does not look like I just participated in a wet T-shirt contest. Oh, Lord, no one wants to see that!

The good news is it’s drying fast.

So that’s my morning so far. No letter, yet. Looking down at my white legs and wishing I’d gone tanning over the weekend. Talk later.

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