I have this persistent pain in my foot. Actually, there’s a vein, there, where the pain is. I wonder if it’s a varicose vein. It’s not small; it bulges more than the vein in my right foot. I should ask Leslie, my PT, about it.

So, I’ve had my Words post up and going for three hours and only had one reader play me so far. Come on, readers, you know you want to!

I’ll be gentle. Or maybe you’ll dominate. I might not be as expert as I thought.

Let’s play…please?

There will be some standing in my new job, I think. Because I’ll be doing a little retail, especially Sunday. So I better make sure I have good shoes. I need new pants, too, because I’m certain I’ve gone up since the last time I wore jeans. And new shirts, because mostly I wear the Hutch shirts, which also don’t fit.

I can’t emphasize enough how unhappy I am with this situation. This will take some time to fix, but I’m optimistic that the upcoming job change will give me more energy to make better choices and hopefully start biking again.

My schedule will be much more reasonable. I can actually sleep until like, 6:30-7, and days I start work later, I may have time to do things in the morning, like bike or even walk. I could really probably walk to work in under an hour.

I’m not saying I’m waiting for the job change to get it together. For example, I’m pounding the water this morning so I feel fuller. But I do hope it will help. I started really gaining mostly while working at the Hutch. Maybe it just isn’t the right schedule for me.

And I have my why’s taped to the inside of the snack cabinet. They look pretty on the blog, at least I think so.

People have asked me if that woman standing by the ocean on my blog is me. It isn’t, friends. There is a finite selection of themes to choose from on WordPress, and I picked the one I felt most closely represented me.

I grew up in an Oceanside town, and feel a huge connection to the water, and, although I don’t sail, surf, or even swim very well, the beach has always been close to heart. In my veins. Lots of talk about veins, today.

Also, the sort of blue gray background color suits me. My eyes are blue gray. Blue is my favorite color. It’s a sort of melancholy color, and melancholy is kind of my resting bitch state, if you will, or default. At least it is if I’m untreated. The meds and therapy help filter more light in.

Anyway, no, the woman is not me. It could’ve been, though. I’ve had pullovers like that, and my hair used to be long.

As usual, I’ve gone off on a wild tangent. You never know where I’m gonna take you, you’ve gotta give me that.

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