Coming Soon…Life Without Adderall, Part II

I forgot to make a new appointment last visit because there was no one at reception, and I never follow up called. So Dr. Naimark didn’t refill my prescription. I didn’t find that out until Friday afternoon at 4 pm, so I scheduled an appointment for the 15th, but it mustn’t have been soon enough, because when I got to the pharmacy, in Newmarket, all they had was my goddamned Effexor. Not what I needed.

So I’m looking at more days without my Adderall, which is going to suck.

I hate this. You’d think someone would’ve called me to schedule an appointment after I failed to, but NO!

I have ADD, friends. Things slip through the cracks sometimes. You’d think they’d be aware. I lost my keys so often I had to attach a lanyard to them. For years. I used to lose my glasses all the time, too, before I had to wear them constantly.

I’m grouchy because I’ve had a headache all afternoon. I guess.

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