I’ve had many, many points today. But I’ve tracked them all.

Tomorrow will be better. I’ll be back at work, drinking more water, snacking less. I had Desmond lock up the fudge rounds, and all the cereal, ice cream, and chocolate are gone (and yes, I helped get rid of them).

I’m not going to waste time feeling bad about myself. I’m just going to move on from today.

I’m probably going to call them tomorrow about that job. I can’t meet everyday this week; really only tomorrow or Thursday, I think.

Garfield’s 9 Lives is really kind of creepy, I mean parts of it. Life 7 is especially freaky. I don’t remember it from when I was a kid. I probably didn’t see it. My mother was funny (weird) about what I could and couldn’t watch growing up. Parts of it are cute, but other parts are more for grownups, I think.

The kids don’t sit through much. But they like Charlie Brown and Garfield. And Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Frozen. That’s it though.

I can’t wait till Desmond is old enough for Spaceballs. But he probably won’t like it, so I’m trying not to get too excited. He had zero interest in Elf.

He just doesn’t like movies. But he did kind of like Star Wars. So, maybe??

Comedy’s my thing. I can’t do horror, drama makes me cry. Comedy is my favorite.

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