Something’s Not Right

I’m tired, but I got up anyway. I ate, fed the cats, and fell asleep in my chair with my coffee in my hand. I woke up when I dropped and spilled some of it.

I don’t know. It’s like I’m back in the Depo days. I can barely keep my eyes open. Is it an after effect of COVID?

I feel like I can’t catch a break. No matter what I do, I’m almost always exhausted. To be honest with you, the reason I didn’t stay in bed is because I sweat profusely in my sleep—I know, lovely—and I was just uncomfortable. But it’s my day to get up, anyway.

I do a ton of things in my sleep. I

  • Sweat
  • Grind and clench my teeth
  • Talk
  • Yell
  • Kick
  • Street fight
  • Snore when congested or overweight, and right now I’m both

I’m the whole package. I must be just a pleasure to sleep with. God.

I mean, according to my dentist, Dr. Dreamy (no, I’m kidding, sort of. Women apparently like him; I have no opinion, though he is very nice) I may have actually ground a crack into my tooth so bad I might possibly need a root canal. He said it was unlikely, but I don’t know. With my luck, it’s root canal city.

Anyway, enough of this super pleasant, brimming with positivity post. Anyway, I overuse the words so, well, and anyway in my posts. I know I do. Thank you for pretending not to notice.

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