Out of Gas

Aislyn volunteered to help me clean and do dishes this morning. She was very helpful. I thought she might be too little to make an impact, but she really did. By the end, Desmond wanted to help, too, but it was time for lunch.

I’m upstairs with just the cat right now, because it’s just too damn hot with the sun beating down on the couch. Yes, even at 7 p.m. I came up to hang out with Desmond, but as soon as I got up here, he left.

I finished the rebranding. I’m supposed to be working on my resume for the Hutch job right now. It didn’t really occur to me until yesterday, but I’m probably going to have to tell Sherrie I have an interview. She’s going to want to know where I’m disappearing to at 1:00 on Tuesday.

Maybe I could just say I’m having a meeting with HR. I don’t know. At some point, there’s going to be an awkward conversation. Well, I guess only if I get that job. Or a different one. If I don’t, then no one has to know anything.

I still haven’t heard from the one I really want. The one I thought I pretty much had. Maybe I do, and I’m just overreacting. Probably. But in the meantime, I’ve got other offers coming soon, I think. So, what do I do?

I guess I’ll call early next week if I don’t hear. I’m not the only thing they have going on, I have to remind myself.

I have WW tomorrow. I’m legit scared. I look bad. I feel worse. All this lethargy.

I have to start buying healthier stuff, and everyone is just going to have to understand. I can’t buy ice cream anymore. Can’t buy chocolate. I can’t leave it alone.

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