Oh. My. God.

The children are driving me crazy. Desmond won’t stop being negative all morning since a game of charades didn’t go his way, and Aislyn won’t stop asking me for things I’ve already said no to. And she’s at that “why” age. Every directive and every justification I give is answered with “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

And I’m losing my patience.

I have a marketing assistant interview in a couple of hours for a dermatology company. I have experience being a patient of dermatology because I had acne as a child. And, actually, I still have it every now and then, so I still see a dermatologist.

It’s not just an adolescence thing for some people. It’s an all-your-life thing.

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for what they do.

They’re getting along now, finally! Thank goodness. We’re outside, enjoying the slightly cooler weather.

This guy Jason from an ABA center in Salisbury or somewhere keeps trying to recruit me for ABA therapy. It’s funny because I already know a Jason from an ABA center. Are they all Jasons?

I know the basic principles of ABA (applied behavior analysis), and can do it okay, but truth be known, I don’t think I’m totally spectacular at it, especially when there are interfering behaviors, which is usually the reason for the ABA in the first place. That’s one of the reasons I’m okay with never having realized my aspiration of becoming a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst).

I suppose I could become an RBT (registered behavior technician), though, and get better at ABA. Faster. I could do after school hours, maybe, on the side. It’s pretty decent pay, and it’d be nice to work with kids again. I don’t know. I’ve thought about it, but been on the fence.

I used to be really good at picture exchange; that involves ABA. But there are several different phases where you have to follow very specific protocols and if you teach them the wrong way, it can be really hard to unteach.

Way back in the day I had a very good, but very tough trainer.

I don’t know. I need to think about it more.

Okay, kids are back to driving me insane.

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