Good Morning

Hello friends. I must’ve had too much caffeine last night, because it took me hours to fall asleep. And even then, it was a fitful sleep, I was apparently yelling at people as I often do in my sleep.

It looks like I might’ve scored a video interview, which are the absolute worst. Oh, God, I hate them. I almost never get moved on to the next round from a video interview. Maybe it’s because I come off awkward, rehearsed, or self-conscious, but I’m afraid it’s because I’m overweight.

I don’t think anyone would consciously judge me based on my appearance, but couldn’t it happen unintentionally?

I think the real problem is I judge myself. That must come through.

This is a sad post. I wish I had something uplifting to add to put a positive spin on it, but nothing comes to mind. Also I’ve been flagged to help design a cardboard box car with my daughter, so now my attention is elsewhere.

I must go. Have a great morning, my friends, and as always, thanks for reading.

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