What I’ve Done Today

  • Fed the kids
  • Written a post
  • Played Colors with Aislyn
  • Played Words With Friends
  • Applied to several more jobs
  • Cleaned Aislyn’s room (mostly)

I am not as good at Words as I thought I’d be. I win often, but my games are very close. That’s okay, maybe I’ll get better at it.

I should wash the floors downstairs. Also there is laundry. At least I’m a little more active today than yesterday. I don’t count applying for jobs as doing anything, though, because I do it all on my phone. Same thing with Words. Writing a post is writing, so that counts as something.

I want to go to the store, but of course I can’t. I want an iced coffee from DD, but I don’t think I’m even supposed to do that. Couldn’t I wear a mask and gloves, though? I’m not going in the building. I don’t know.

I don’t know why, but I have a good feeling about this round of job searches. I think I will find something. Especially if I can get something local. Less competition for those roles.

I suspect that by Thursday, I’ll be fully ready to return to work. It gets boring, being stuck in the house for days. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

My headache is coming back. I’m afraid of headaches. I get migraines. Not often, anymore, because I’m treated for them, but I’m always afraid when I feel one starting.

I don’t have much pain tolerance.

I should get up and take some Tylenol. Do something. I need clean shirts.

Panera has the most delicious frozen coffee, but one drink is 27 points. I get 22 points a day.

It doesn’t matter. I can’t go there, and I’m not paying Door Dash $15 to deliver me one.

Believe it or not, while I worked at TJ Maxx, a woman came in, shopped, and when she was putting her cart away, she told one of the employees they would have to wipe down her cart because she had COVID. Really?! How selfish do you have to be to knowingly go spreading that around a department store?!

I’m sorry, I always say I’m not going to go there, and here I am…going there. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

I don’t mean to incite anything. I don’t want to turn this into a COVID forum. This is strictly a Leah forum. If you don’t have something, preferably awesome, to say about the subject of Leah, graciously abstain from commenting. 😉

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