The Things You Remember

I’m up early because I went to bed early. Well, you know what they say, “Early to bed, early to rise…makes you mad.” Actually, those are the famous words of my brother when we were kids. Funny, the things you remember.

I would call my blog “The Things,” but I think there’s already a publication by that name… yup. It’s a celeb, pop culture type deal. Oh well.

Is it annoying that I keep changing the name of my blog? Sorry, readers. I can’t help it. I almost always have more than one idea, and I want to use them all.

Desmond is up with me, now. He’s an early riser. Aislyn, not so much. He is quiet in the morning, like me, and does his own thing, first just lying on the couch, then watching his show, then eating, then whatever else is on his agenda. Like me, he is fairly regimented, and follows a daily routine. Aislyn, not so much.

Aislyn is like, the unicorn in a family of horses. She’s wild and exotic. Oh my God. She’s a wildflower. You know that song?

That song was very significant to me when I was young, because it felt like it was written for me, though of course it was not, it was written six years before I was even born. But it was covered in 1994 by Color Me Badd (don’t laugh, it’s beautiful), when I was 16, and it just said everything to me. You know how sometimes, you connect so deeply with someone’s words that it hurts?

Anyway, if you listen to it, or Google the lyrics, I hope Aislyn never identifies with this song, because it’s heartbreaking.

All I want is for both my kids to be happy. That’s all I care about. Besides their all around health. They can be jocks, Goth kids, gamers, fashionistas, band geeks, drama freaks, weirdos, or just plain average kids who blend in with the masses. As long as they’re happy with who they are, I’ll be happy, too.

I already know they’re good kids, so I’m not worried about that.

Needless to say, I’m not doing well in the weight loss department. It’s needless to say because if I was doing well, you know you’d be hearing about it in every post.

You might say “Give yourself a break, you’ve got COVID.” But it’s not that bad, and I think I’m over the worst of it, after last weekend.

But maybe it’s got me more run down than I think. I did sleep for 10 hours last night.

Something needs to happen to turn me back in the right direction. I don’t know what, whether it be a job change, or a habit change, or a terrible selfie. But some kind of event needs to occur to turn me around.

It’s not that I’m just waiting for the event to do the right thing. I just know myself, and my history. The last time, it was going back to face to face WW workshops that set me on the path to long term success.

I haven’t figured out what it is this time. I’ve tried a lot of things, but ultimately they haven’t panned out. The Lockabox wasn’t the answer, but it has helped.

I know I need to stop buying ice cream. Aislyn loves it, but so do I, and it’s gone in a flash.

Anyway, this is all stuff I’ve said 100 times. So I’m going to stop now.

I need to make Desmond some pancakes. See you later 😊

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