Is Glitter a Color?

Inventory was very boring. It got over about 9:45. I just got off the phone with my dad and now I’m sitting here, talking to you. But every time I go and try to write something, Aislyn wants my attention. I haven’t been off my feet that long. I got to the house, drove Mom home, had lunch at the island with the kids, and now here I am.

But she’s all over me.

I know she just wants to be with me. She’s probably happy I’m home. We’re going to paint her nails today. Not hooker red. Kind of a silvery, glitter color.

She really wants to play. Like a little puppy. It’s funny. Aislyn’s got a doglike personality: friendly, social, sweet, loyal, bubbly, excitable. While Desmond is more catlike: quiet, observant, moody, selective, sophisticated (well, for a 9yo). Independent.

I am far more catlike than doglike as well. Okay, so I have to go play. Talk later.

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