Good Morning, My Readers

I got a pretty good night’s sleep, but guess what? I still woke up again at 3:49! I don’t even have my alarm set for that time, anymore.

I used to set it for 3:51 and hit snooze until around 4:45. It must be I’ve inadvertently programmed myself to wake up at that time every morning. So weird.

Still waiting for news about the jobs, but you know what they say…

My feet are already exhausted from hours of standing, and it is so hot in here. But other than that, I’m having an okay day. I keep thinking about funny things while I’m working (not on purpose) and laughing out loud.

I have more to say about laughter, but not in this post. I don’t have time. Just checking in to say hello, and thanks for being interested enough to read about my (as yet) pretty unremarkable adulthood.

Of course, when I’m rich and famous, everyone will want copies of all of these blog posts and they’ll sell like hotcakes, and you know it! 😉

Have a great day, my friends.

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