Work From Home?

I got maybe three hours of sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep propped up, which is what you do with reflux, so I stayed awake, just futzing around on my phone until around 1:00, then I gave up and lay down, but I had taken Pepto, so I felt better anyway. Then I woke up again, magically, at 3:50. No reason that I know of, I just woke up.

If all goes well, they’ll offer me that arbitration job, and I’ll probably take it. I think the pay would be better, and it could turn remote. Of course, I’ll need a little desk and a small office-type space. I’m not sure where, though, because our office space is where Derek works 3 days a week.

I might possibly be able to use Desmond’s old remote school space, but that would be right next to Derek, and I don’t know if that would work. Wouldn’t we talk to each other a lot?

I don’t know that there’s any other option. Other than me commuting those 3 days a week, which would kind of suck, knowing I could be working from home. I don’t know, I will have to really think about this.

Actually, I don’t even have the job, yet, so there’s nothing to think about, right now, anyway.

I would want it cleaner up there, too, or I won’t be able to concentrate. There’s a ton of stuff that can go into storage or good will. It’s really a big, beautiful space. You can do a lot with it.

Look at me, still thinking about it. I need to stop. That’s how I am, though. I’m probably going to think about it now. But you can’t tell someone not to think about something, because then that’s all they can think about.

This post is lame. I wish it was cleverer. Sorry, readers. But at least I had some time to sit down and say good morning. I hope you have a nice day and a safe commute, even if your commute is from your bed to your den. You never know. Accidents happen. You might spill searing hot coffee in your lap (OUCH!) before you head upstairs. So take care. Be well, and have some extra caffeine for me.

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