Break Time

Somebody left chairs by our work station, so I’m sitting right here to take my break instead of wasting 4 minutes walking to and from the cafeteria. It’s much better.

I haven’t heard from Cox or CCS, yet, but it’s still early. For the arbitration ladies, it hasn’t even been 24 hours, yet. It’s just so hard when you have to wait for something.

It is so hot out on the floor, here, that I can feel the sweat roll down my back while I work, if that’s gross enough for you. I have my hair up in this tiny little explosion of a ponytail. It helps, though. I don’t care if it looks dumb.

I’m resisting medicating my fatigue with the free iced coffee they’ve given us this month. I’m afraid of more reflux.

My point from yesterday has disappeared. I feel guilty that I might be leaving. They are so nice to me here.

Ok, I’ve got to get back to it. Have a good rest of your morning!

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