She’s Got a Point

I came back from break one minute late. I was trying to finalize my blog post with call to action. I can’t keep making excuses for myself; late is late.

I’m racing to get done on time. We had a defect in some of the parts on our carts and I had to rework four boxes, but the rework time didn’t account for the 15 minutes we spent talking about the defect prior to locating the bad parts. So I think I’m one box behind.

And I can’t delay lunch until 2:00 today because I have another interview and I don’t have time to eat after work.

I’m still sick, too, by the way. I probably should’ve stayed home. But, and this is a bit sad, I was excited about MP. And going fast again. I’m certainly going fast. Hopefully it’ll pay off.

I am dying in the heat today. My hair’s too short to pull back, these t-shirts are heavy, and I’m wearing pants to hide my white legs.

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