You Give Me Fever

I have a bit of a fever today. I am dizzy. For some reason, my mood is a lot better than yesterday. Maybe I’m delirious.

I just had ice cream with Aislyn. For my throat! What? It’s too bad it only relieves your throat for a few minutes.

I need cough drops.

I finished the blog post, mostly. I don’t know if they want the call to action left in there or not. I’m just glad I got it done, and ahead of schedule, too.

I need to go tanning, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen today. Probably not. Truthfully, I already feel like a nap. It’s probably the fever.

The only other time my face feels this hot is when I’m blushing. Man, do I hate how I blush. I can’t hide nuthin from no one. Sometimes I open conversations with “I’m probably going to blush…” Particularly when I’m talking to a group of people.

Could it be an INFJ thing? What do you other INFJs think, all…none of you?

INFJs are the rarest of 16 personality types. I’m proud of that. Lisa Simpson is a fictional INFJ. Jerry Seinfeld is a real one, which is ironic, since his character on Seinfeld was able to get a different girlfriend every episode. But I guess that was one of the jokes.

I meet a fair number of other INFJs, though, by accident. I don’t know if it’s just the circles I travel in, or if they account for more of the population than was originally thought.

Some people think this stuff is a boring waste of time. But I’m fascinated by it. I think the results are really accurate. And I think they can help inform many life decisions, not the least of them being careers. INFJs supposedly make good authors, teachers, or lawyers, for example. Of course, I wasn’t the world’s best teacher, and I’m a struggling author.

Maybe I should go to law school? No thanks. Not in this phase of life.

I still believe I can make it as an author. I just have to not give up. It took Jenna Fischer years to become a sustainable actress. And her hero, Molly Shannon of SNL fame, you know, Mary Catherine Gallagher, Delicious Dish, etc. Well, I guess Jenna crashed a red carpet party and approached Molly and Molly took her by the shoulders and said, “Never give up.”

I’m not an actress, but I found that really inspiring.

You can tell I’m an Office fan. They just really got it right. They showed you everything one look exchanged between two people can communicate.

Sometimes nonverbal says it all.

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