“Why do you smell like doughnuts?”

My nap never happened. It’s probably better this way, I won’t have any difficulty falling asleep at bedtime. Staying asleep? That’s another thing.

Laundry: done. Blog: done. To do: everything else.

Aislyn’s hair is really long, and she has a knot so big at the top of it, I don’t know if detangler will get it out. I don’t remember ever having snarls like she gets.

I’m looking forward to doing the right number of boxes again. No more of this 8, 10, 13-box business with parts that are more complicated to assemble than in MP. Tyline calls MP the “easy money line.” She is not wrong.

To do that administrative assistant job (at the Hutch) effectively, I’m supposed to be able to create multi-panel spreadsheets in Excel. To successfully make multi-panel spreadsheets, you must create pivot tables. So I need to somehow learn to do pivot tables and multi-panel spreadsheets before my interview. I do not yet have an interview.

You might say: take an online class. Yeah, I’ve tried that, to improve my grammar and punctuation knowledge for editing, I took an online grammar course. Almost none of it sunk in, and I took copious notes.

Okay, I’ve got a good one for you. First, some backstory: I had to go to CVS for some items this afternoon. On my way back, I bought myself an iced coffee from Dunkin to drink when I got home.

My daughter was devastated when, just a few minutes ago, Derek told her she could not write on the kitchen island with black marker. She ran into the living room, crying real tears, so I motioned for her to come over to the recliner for a hug.

As I wiped her face and held her in my arms, she looked me in the eye and very shrilly and accusingly asked me why I smelled like doughnuts. I just looked at her, tears still streaming down her face, and I howled with laughter. Then we were both laughing.

Now I have lost my voice.

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