Not Sure

I’ve been congested since yesterday. Sore throat. No appetite right now. If I can’t eat, something’s really wrong. I might take the other COVID test we have left from when we had to test Aislyn.

I am scared of the variant. The vaccines we’ve already had are no match for it. I should be masking again.

My stepmother knows an epidemiologist, and she says it’s a bad situation. I won’t get into it any further because it’s such a politically charged and divisive subject, and I don’t want to do that here. But I’m worried.

So anyway, breathing out one side of my nose, today, feeling vaguely like I should be in bed.

I’ve been down from last Sunday’s weigh-in the last few days. I think last Sunday I must’ve had a lot of water weight, though, because, unsurprisingly, I haven’t been doing anything drastically differently this week from any other, except getting on the scale more often.

I’m hoping daily weigh-ins will help me perhaps tailor my eating habits to impact the numbers, although so far, like I said, it’s done nothing.

Why is it so easy to control myself sometimes, and so hard other times? I wish I knew for sure.

I don’t want to spend this whole post whining about my weight. But I can say that if I have a good day today, I should have a pretty good loss on the scale compared to last Sunday, which means I’ll still be on track with my nine month program.

Well, I should probably work on my blog post. It’s about the features of a specific car. I think if I spend too much time thinking about how it’s going to be a challenge, I’ll make it harder than it really is. Usually, when I just go ahead and start a project, it flows pretty naturally and when I’m done, I wonder what I was so hung up on in the beginning.

I hope you’re well and have a great morning!

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