No COVID. Which is a huge relief, because I don’t know how I’d possibly isolate myself in this house. There’s no guest room. Desmond spends most of his time in our room, but all his clothes, books, and toys are in his room. Well, mostly…

Grandparents couldn’t watch the kids on Derek’s office days, but I couldn’t, either, so Derek would probably have had to get special permission from work to be home. Oh, my God, what a nightmare that all would’ve been!

It must just be your garden variety cold.

The only food I want to eat right now is canned pears. No oatmeal, no eggs. Just pears. At least I want something. Like I said, if I can’t eat, there’s a problem.

Aren’t you so happy about my proliferation today? It’s not annoying at all! 😉

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