My therapist recommended this app to me: Dailyo. It’s a kind of diary, only way better. You record your mood and activities in it, and it generates statistics over time for you, so you can track your moods and hopefully find correlations between emotions and activities or circumstances.

You know how I love me some statistics, friends. I mean, loooove them. Bar graphs and pie charts get me all hot and bothered. Kidding, I’m kidding!

No I’m not.

Anyway, it gives you some moods to start with and select each day, but you can customize your moods and activities to include more. For example, I added “sick” to my emotions, although I know it’s not really technically an emotion. It has various icons you can choose from to depict your mood or activity.

If you’re a woman, you can track your period and how it affects your moods. For instance, do you become emotional before, during, or, believe it or not, right after your period? Dailyo can help you see this information really clearly.

You can have Dailyo send you notifications about your goals, and set an alarm to remind you to log your info everyday. My Dailyo just reminded me to do some reading.

As with most apps, there is a relatively inexpensive, in-app upgrade to a premium service, as well, though I haven’t looked at those features, yet. But I am intrigued about what else this powerful little app can do, so I will keep you posted.

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Dailyo entry summary

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