Writing Habits

Guess where I’ll be Monday? Back in MP, baby, yeeeeeeeeeHA!

Is there Espresso in cold brew?

Free coffee and pastries all day today. I’m on my second coffee and trying to avoid the cookies.

It’s been a weird day. I forgot my meds this morning, so I took a couple of my typically PM Adderall, and I feel just full of energy right now. Not hyper, just better than normal.

I wanna say screw it, I’m eating a damn cookie. But two coffees with whip and chocolate syrup and probably whole milk already? I guess I’d better not. Also, edible straw, if you can believe that. They’re actually pretty good.

When I get excited, I forget commas. Or just skip them. Just like if I was talking really fast from excitement. I dunno, I thought that was kind of interesting.

Have to go finish work. Have a nice afternoon!

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